Being in business is being in the heart of your business

Personal awareness, and personal management, are the main ingredients for creativity, efficiency, and productivity in the workplace. Every person is their own energy manager and is responsible for their own energy.

Burn-out, depression, and stress at the workplace are the main reasons for loss of productivity, and they cost society millions of dollars every year.

We spend more time at our workplace than at home. Is it wishful thinking to create a work environment where talents can thrive as well as health?

The Institute of HeartMath ™, leader in research on the impact of the heart on health, has developed an efficient and simple tool to reduce stress in the workplace.

It has been proven in many companies that by using the biofeedback tools, the company significantly reduces absence due to stress and enhances workplace efficiency. It is designed for small as well as large companies; for employees as well as managers.

If you ask yourself

  • How can I reconcile family and work?
  • How can I manage my overwhelming/increasing workload?
  • How can I be both empathic and efficient at the same time?
  • How can I keep my energy balanced?

I can help you. Contact me.