Gabriele Woerner

Gabriele WoernerSpecialized in several academic disciplines, Gabriele holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Freiburg University in Germany (Albert-Ludwig-Universität, Freiburg i.Br.) and has also completed a degree in Adult Education (DESS) at the Université du Québec.

Over the years Gabriele has acquired integrated training in the field of personal development.  Trainer of trainees, certified with Emploi Québec in the field of health care professionals, Gabriele is a lecturer in the Nursing Department of the University du Québec, as well as a facilitator for various government agencies, and municipal, educational, and community organizations. The field of intervention and training involves human resources, prevention, self management, communications, and interpersonal relationships.

Gabriele has an excellent discernment, is engaged, dynamic, innovative, and intellectually curious.

She relies on multiple sources of training – in Canada, the United States, and China – integrating them all into her client services which allow her to offer an in depth approach in her work.

In 1995 she participated in a distant healing study, published in the Western Journal of Medicine (1998) and described by Lynn McTaggart in her book The Field, as a groundbreaking study contributing to the understanding of using subtle energy in the healing field.

Gabriele’s mission consists of actively promoting awareness of human potential and encouraging individuals and organizations to become more accountable by making positive and significant changes in their personal and professional lives. With this in mind, she has prepared a curriculum to help her nursing students develop their personal abilities and skills in maintaining their physical, emotional, and spiritual health while coping with an emotionally charged work environment.

Gabriele has acquired a wealth of experience from which she builds a unique approach that consists of combining physical, emotional, and mental strengths to create a solid path of growth toward human excellence.