Every path is only that, a path.
And there is no affront to yourself or others
To leave it, if your heart tells you so.
Look at each path,
Separately and deliberately.
Try them as many times as you feel it is necessary.
Then ask yourself, and only yourself:
Does this path have a heart?
If it has, the path is good.
If it doesn’t
It is of no use.

                        Carlos Castaneda

Understanding consciousness, and being aware of the powers of the heart, summarizes all of my life lessons, the joyful and the painful alike.

On this web-site I want to share not only the lessons that my experiences have taught me, but also the applications and useful tools that helped shaped these experiences into transformation; transformation to the life I enjoy today.

My desire is to encourage people to put more trust in their inner strength and to teach them how to listen to the voice of their heart in a simple and accessible way.

Speaking about the wisdom of your heart is more than poetry. Scientific data shows that the heart influences our physical health as much as our emotional and spiritual well-being.

In these times of societal change, the wisdom of the heart is required to sustain transformation whether on a personal or professional level.

It is my pleasure to guide you on your path to discovering, and connecting to, the wisdom of your heart!